I am retiring and in the process of selling off my small goshawk breeding project. I have been a raptor breeder nearly my entire life and we have decided to retire and let others carry on these projects. This could be an opportunity for someone that wants to breed goses to knock off years of putting together a project and jump directly into a successful producing birds. As most know, I have consistently produced chicks from these birds. (I can supply many references) I have one Finnish semen donor, hatched 2012, that has consistently been able to cover three laying females. I also have an average size Female Finnish egg-layer, hatched 2017. I have a larger female Finnish egg-layer hatched 2010. Both of these females have produced chicks every season. The smaller female produced chicks as a brown bird. These, and one wild taken female N.A. , has been the core of my producing birds. I am offering the trio of breeders for $9000. I will sell the semen donor male and either female for $6500. I will not sell the semen donor male singly. There are many pics of these birds in action on my flickr page at https://www.flickr.com/photos/107641481@N02/ if you scroll down far enough.