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Thanks Mark - the nature of the land helped and the fact that these rabbits were flushed with spaniels - a real challenge for the hawk sometimes as they would invariably flush upwind - more of a challenge than rabbits bolted by ferrets. These rabbits were generally very 'hawk wise' - you can see the escape tactics on some of the misses where the rabbit ducks around a tussock and freezes until the gos passes - then makes its exit. There were a lot of buzzards in the area even though it was filmed about 30 years ago when the population was a lot lower nationally - they clearly hunted rabbits. I'd cut some of the flights if I did it now and some of the text, - it was filmed on SVHS tape which was the best available to me at the time - still there are some pretty good flights. I digitised it and loaded it onto youtube for people who are interested rather than have it deteriorating in a cupboard- thanks for the feedback. Atb Dave
I know what you mean about the ground Dave, I am lucky enough to fly on Dartmoor and Bodmin moor very similar ground but not quite so many rabbits. But great fun when walking up with dog and hawk.