Hi all just thought I'd better finally introduce myself. I registered a while ago but have only just got around to posting. I'm Dave Parry and I live in Chester in the UK. I have flown goshawks (female, male, parent reared and imprints) for about 40years. Most of my earlier hawking was hunting rabbits but for the last 20 years or so I've hunted game (pheasant and partridge) exclusively. My current bird is an imprint male Finnish X Russian Goshawk and I've flown him for the last 3 seasons. I work German Wire haired Pointers with my hawks and I'm picking up a large parent reared 2020 Finnish female at the end of August. Females from this source have flown at around 48 oz's. I've included some links to my youtube channel which you may find interesting - it has some video's of flights at pheasant her in the UK and a 30 year old video of my rabbit hawking in Caithness with parent reared Finnish gosses. I used to go hawking in Caithness, northern Scotland every year. I really enjoy reading the posts on here and the forum is a great resource for falconers/austringers. Thanks for keeping it going! Atb Dave Parry