I haven't been active in falconry for several years and i have some books i want to get rid of. I'm very flexible with price, you just need to at least pay the shipping. I can take more photos on request. Most interesting of what i have is this, i think.

others available (all in very good used condition):
Falconry Equipment by Bryan Kimsey and Jim Hodge
Trapping Essentials by Ben Woodruff
Accipitrine Behavioral Problems by Michael Mcdermott
The Complete Rabbit and Hare Hawk by Martin Hollinshead
Falconer on the Edge by Rachel Dickinson
Lift by Rebecca O'Connor
In Season by Matthew Mullenix
A Sophisticated Form of Hawk Watching by Ken Filkins
American Kestrels in Modern Falconry by Matthew Mullenix

still good but a little beat up around the edges:
Dirt Hawking by Joe Roy iii
The Falconer's Apprentice by William C Oakes
Falconry and Hawking (3rd edition) by Phillip Glasier

email me at waiting4thefish@gmail.com

ideally, i would prefer if someone wanted a lot of these together, to make it easier.