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I’m not a 16 yr old apprentice but nonetheless I have not found an affordable copy of buteos and bushytails. I am rather excited he’s publishing a new book and will definitely be one of the first to snag a copy. I’ll just sit and relax until this book is for sale rather than search relentlessly for a good deal on his past book. I am more than happy to pay for the amount of information that he is providing given how highly regarded his past book was. Thanks for all the updates.
If you haven't done so, check with your local library. Interlibrary loan can often obtain books which you can check out. Won't give you a copy to keep, but might be able to at least get the book and read it. This goes for ALL books. Give the librarian the book title and author - they can check for availability and request the book be shipped to their library, on a temporary loan. They are very happy to do this and last I knew, there's no fee for the service. Just a thought.