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It's hard to really come up with anything ground breaking in falconry. As you say falconry has been around for 6k years. Many intelligent resourceful people have spent years and years giving us much of what we know today. Gary is a smart guy and a great storyteller. The book will give his thoughts on Red-tails which I am sure will give the reader something to think about and learn from. One more thing, I am sure there will be a lot for you to disagree with too.
There's been a lot of new things written about accipiters and Falcons in recent years. Red tails not so much. I think there's a feeling that because they're hard to lose and hard to kill there's not much to flying them. But I think flying them to their potential is just as difficult as flying anything else to its potential. So I'm interested to see what Garry Brewer has to say in 600 pages. Some of the things he's written in the past I didn't agree with but I'm sure he'll have a lot of interesting things in his new book.