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Are these high-quality publications or cheap paperbacks? I think Gary wants a book that people could put on their coffee tables. It is full of high resolution pictures.
Depending on who the publisher is they can be hardbacks and the quality is decent.

Having said that if he is shooting for an Emma Ford book (she likes to stroke her own ego as evidenced by the many pics of herself in her books) that is one thing but a high quality book for informational purposes does not need to cost a fortune. There is something in between a work of art and a duct tape job. I don't see Gary as an egocentric sort of fellow but I do respect his desire to not put his name on a sub standard product.

Another route would be to go through a falconry specialty book publisher such as Western Sporting or Hancock House. That would minimize the author's investment though it would not necessarily preserve the book once the demand gets too low to reprint another batch.

Certainly another route to go would be to do both - a limited edition coffee table book and a paperback for those of us who mostly read for the material itself.
I have a pile of those very expensive collector books that I bought up after someone spilled something on it or ripped off the cover minimizing its collector value.

Gary is one of the guys who write books that an apprentice should read so it would be cool if they outlive him so future apprentices can benefit. Not that
I am suggesting he is hanging on by a thread mind you but I assume you see my point.