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Hi there,

I am a pre-apprentice located in Framingham, MA. I have a current hunting license, the state falconry packet and have read pretty much everything I can get my hands on from the Beebe & Webster bibles down to the CHC apprentice guide. I am hoping to take the test soon and have been in contact with Mr. Amati at state office but MA is not testing now due to COVID. I'd LOVE to go hunting with some local falconers if any are about and wouldn't mind an additional brush beater. I was under the impression the state falconry packet would have falconer contact info but it did not. I am guessing I need to pass the test before I get that information?

Anyway, happy hunting all and I hope to get out in the field soon.
to NAFEX! Good luck with your test, when you to take it. As for falconer contact info, you might want to google and locate your state falconry club and contact them. They may be able to help you! At the very least, you'll find out when they are holding any events, which you could then attend. Good luck on your journey!