Ev: It was a Grey squirrel a buck in the 460gram range. It was working fine after and I gave her probabaly 4 days off. It was healing pretty good and I decieded to get her out to fly some not really hunting. She grabed another squirrel and I was right under her. I did not see the squirrel bite her on the toe. I actually pulled him off her chap and had his head in had about 2sec after she hit the ground. Course... that dosen't mean that she didn't get bit on the way down. I'm hopeing that she just re-opened that wound from the first bite and it's just really sore and swollen. Anyways she is getting Hydro threapy twice a day, Baytril twice a day, and Bactoderm Ointment once a day. The swelling is slowly coming down and the bruises are starting to show. She is starting to put a little resistance on the toe but not much. So we will see what happens-Zach[/b]