Howdy, My name is Christa I am 23 and live near San Antonio, TX Country Side. I have always had a nak with Falconry. I have been doing a TON of research (contacting parks/wildlife, getting membership in the THA, the modern apprentice, 21CFR and TPWD laws, etc...) I know what im getting myself into... I am Single, have no kids, not married nor planning on having kids/getting married. I have aquired some contacts in the centeral texas area. I want an Apprenticeship and plan on dedicating all to falconry, I will train and hunt my hawk on a daily basis. I hope to someday catch a red-tailed hawk under my Sponsors word. What my sponsor says is law. Falconry is alot like Flying a plane, there's alot to it that the regular joe don't know what he's getting himself into nor can live up to what hes getting himself into. Im very serious about this... I have access to MANY great hunting areas (I always hunt almost year around.) So if anyone wants to hunt their hawk I will be more than happy to grant access and help flush game. Any help would be greatly appreciated!