A new Finn. Gos arrived today. The bird was made by Vic and Jan Hardaswick. The shipping went smooth as silk. Took him home to meet the family and get started with his training. A few pics below.

Seems to like his new home.

Whats this thing?

Oh, that's what it is!

Introducing the dachshunds.

One at a time.

Just let them get to see each other.

The first pack meeting.

The first day we introduced him to his new home, the hood, and the dogs. Its good to be careful introducing the dogs. With a past kestrel the dogs would help eat the eyass food. At the time I thought how nice their really bonding. The kestrel interpreted it as being fed. Later in life the kestrel would food beg when ever it saw a dachshund! Other than that it was a perfect imprint. The issue was resolved by sending the kestrel to another falconer for six months.