I'm in SE MD, AA Co. I practically live in a marsh; the old maps call my area "the great swamp."
The owl was a rehab case a falconer/rehabber friend had. I just like the stare they have.
Sorry to report that I don't have any trapping pictures yet as my friend who was supposed to bring the camera forgot it and I lost my cell phone in a large unmowed ditch while placing a BC! Said friend and sponsor tried calling it but it was on vibrate. Fortunately I now have a new phone and will be taking my camera for round II next weekend.
I do have to say that I didn't realize that catching pigeons and starlings was fun until I tried it...we got 4 pigeons at once in D.C. with a phai.

I do some painting, horseback riding for fun (I used to do endurance riding with horses), used to breed exotic wildfowl and still have a few. I'm a full time student at the moment though!

I still raise a few of these every year:

And a few of these:

I'd really like to learn more about captive breeding of raptors in the future but for now I'm focusing on learning to fly!