Hello All,

I am a falconer from the central lower pensulia of Michigan. I have been flying hawks and falcons for about 12 years.

My prefrences are the accipiters, specifically Cooper's hawks and Goshawks. I currently have two imprint NA tercil Goshawks and one imprint NA female Goshawks on my propagation permit. I got a late start this year but learned much with my first attempt at propagation. I have high hopes for next season breeding.

I would like to add imprint Cooper's hawks to the project for propagation eventually. The idea of a hybrid Goshawk/Cooper's hawk or "Gooper's Hawk" sounds interesting to me. I would like to see what type of personality and abilities this would create.

I had plans to pull an eyas female Cooper's this spring but a series of nest loss by high wind storms, predation and earlier than expected hatch have left me without a Cooper's Hawk to imprint and fly this year.

Michigan is a tough place to fly a Cooper's hawk during the winter, so I was hoping to fly one through the summer and fall then do a forced molt through the winter while I fly goshawks.

I am looking forward to reading of others falconry exploits on this forum!

Best Regards,

Kory Koch