Goodnight! They were catching some of these grouse, eh? That would drive me crazy not being able to trap one.

What do you do for a living out there? If I could find a decent job, I would be living out there. As it is, I will have to wait until both my girls are off to college (I'll be in my mid 50's) and I will likely have to get a divorce to make the move. LOL.

Being a "parkland" bird Sharptail are comfortable in the trees to some degree. It is hard to say for sure how suscessful the Gos' are on Sharptail. I have never seen what I thought was a Gos kill on 1, but they sure show a lot of interest.

I have worked in the Lumber industry(2 saw mills here), as a Butcher in the local grocery, and as a falconer(training for Arab market and Airport bird control) in the 12+ years I have been here. The town is just over 400 in population. Not much employment opportunity. The employment/housing cost situation is complicated by the Boom Town effect of Coal and oil at Gillette(razor city), 75 miles sw.