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Only crooks are concerned about law enforcement. It's clear to me that you don't have things in order & I would certainly turn you in if I lived close by. I don't tolerate those who can't abide by our wildlife & falconry laws. You're the kind of slob falconer that makes things tough for those who are legit. Like I said, there's a reason you hunt a misprint.

nice guy ,remind where to avoid?
i can guarnantee you jeff has far more in order than required and is far too polite to respond in kind to your purile presumptuos scathing attack over nothing
your the only person ive met since i came onto this frum that id find it easy to dislike ,go hawkig for a day see if it improves your demeanour [smilie=smileys13.gif]

ps im a bigger crook than youd ever care to cross