I used OC with my gos to get the recall/glove association and using the lure as a bridge. The biggest obstacle for me was I wanted to blow the whistle then show the glove. My wife, little genius that she is, said, "Blow the whistle as he does the behavior not before." I really struggled with that one. He didn't though, he caught right on and from then on it was mostly steps forward. A lot of baby steps for sure.
My advice:
1. setup a video camera of yourself training your bird to do a behavior.
2. compare your performance to OC and see how you can improve and most important, what your bird is doing. You may be surprised how well trained your bird has you!
3. Have a clear plan of what you expect, want to see, and how your birds' actions are fitting the game plan.

Also, don't forget the basics like good ol' weight management, weather and temp. When your bird is done doing it even if it's after only one try then quit. Do not drag it out in an attempt to get one more. Take a lot of time outs and come back to the training area later. Your bird will slowly get a little hungrier and more eager to perform.
My take on OC is you are really keying in on your bird and guiding his natural behaviors into something you want him to do when you want it. It's kind of like jujitsu. You want to push me around I'm going to let you but so far that your behavior puts you where I want you. Does that make sense?