Hello all!

I suppose I should introduce myself since I'll no doubt have a lot of questions. I'm new to falconry but not to keeping high maintenance animals. I currently keep various herps but specialize in poison dart frogs and other amphibians with numbers in my house reaching 100+ specimens at times. I've been turned on to the sport of falconry by a master falconer friend who also keeps herps and offered to take me on as an apprentice if I was interested. I cant say I've given it much though up until now but It certainly seems like something I would enjoy doing with my two young sons for years to come.

The only major aspect I'm concerned about is my living situation. I'm in a Townhouse just outside the DC beltway with a fenced backyard less than 18' square. I dont believe I have room for a decent sized mews but my sponsor assures me there are ways to make it work.

I look forward to getting to know all you and your birds. I also have access to several industrial laser cutters so hopefully I can be of some assistance to anyone needing custom cut metal work.