OK, I live in the northern plains, weather sucks, game is plentiful and plenty of wild raptors. I got my first bird, a kestral, at age seven. Just over 50 years ago. I spent my early years in South Texas in the early 60's where I trapped beach birds and passage Harris hawks. My adventures landed me up here where my favorite game resides, the sharp-tailed grouse. I love all hawks, Passage Gyrfalcons and Tundra Peregrines among my favorite. I have flown Goshawks from the Black Hills and can't seem to decide which is the most fun. Looking forward to a 3/4 X 1/4 Gyr, Peals male this summer. My kids and I enjoy camping in the spring, looking for Merlins, Prairie Falcons, Milke Snakes and Arrowheads. Life is good!