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    Falconry skills... It's amazing that this dying art...( but it is a great survivalist's art...) will helps in flip side of the worlds if you are in great dangers. Some falconry guy once wrote that his experiences in falconry was the best thing & best teachings than any of his millitary lessons.

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    Conspiracy or not, I am waiting for the next war or whatnot to happen. I am expecting it from America's political turmoil and the grassroots movements. I don't care very much if it stays or falls, I just want to be sure I can survive.

    Falconry may be a plausible survival skill. Not the best place to start, but I also want to do it for sport.

    My mother is into conspiracies moreso than I. I picked my conspiracies up off of her. That said, I also make jokes of them. Voice tone and body gestures don't carry through text well, but I didn't mean to get into conspiracy. I'd rather expect the worst and hope for the best.
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