Hey everybody

seeing as I'm starting my apprenticeship this year and I'll be needing a whole lot of supplies, not to mention money for the mews; I'd like to offer up my services. I need just about anything you have to offer for a RT

I have the ability to laser cut flat sheet and tube stock to your specifications. I prefer to cut on what material I have in stock since I have the parameters dialed in pretty well so I'll list the common stuff below. I am not an artist by any means so if you need something like a hawk silhouette I'm going to need you to provide a scaled .dxf drawing for me to work with.

common material I have on hand:

mild plate steel - .25", .5"
brushed stainless plate steel - .05"

Tube stock - mainly rectangular mild steel .25" wall. contact me for others.

examples of what I can do:


video of the tube laser - (fun starts half way through)