The first time I became interested in falconry was when I saw "Rusty and the Falcon" as a kid. It doesn't seem like there have been many good movies with falcons or hawks in them. I liked the brief parts of "The Falcon and the Snowman", but they're rare. YouTube has probably been the best source of videos for me.

Growing up, I had two dogs, a rabbit, and managed a cat and 42 kittens (it was my sister's cat, but it seems like I did most of the work). I never owned a falcon or hawk. Even now, my son has a cockatiel and two parakeets, but no bird of prey.

I've wanted a bird for a long time (30+ years) but I'm somewhat aware of the commitment they take and haven't made the leap yet. About five years ago I had pretty much given up on the dream. Now that our son might be moving out in a couple years, I'm reconsidering.

I'll probably study and take the test here in Connecticut. Then take it from there.