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...I've wanted a bird for a long time (30+ years) but I'm somewhat aware of the commitment they take and haven't made the leap yet. About five years ago I had pretty much given up on the dream. Now that our son might be moving out in a couple years, I'm reconsidering.

I'll probably study and take the test here in Connecticut. Then take it from there.


Connecticut is not a falconry-friendly or hunting-friendly state so, if you have the option of relocating after your son moves out, you may want to consider it.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to chase you out of the state :-) but with no wild take, no Sunday hunting, and the most restrictive state falconry regs by far, I wouldn't live in this state if my son wasn't here.

That being said, it's certainly feasible to practice falconry here and you always have the option of Sunday hunting in RI or NY.


Jon D.