I'm curious how folks birds are doing at this early time in the season. Come on lets hear the stories?? Taking game? Dispersal? What's going on?

Frieda is doing alright, though I may need a hearing aid by the end of the season if she doesn't shut up!! At home she's LOUD!!!! She screams when she sees me or any other human, and she screams LOUD!!! It's that changing pitch type scream which I hate!!! Her screaming came during weight reduction, but I figure better to scream a bit then to go into the fear/dispersal response which accips are prone to do this time of year if handled at too high of a weight.

In the field she's fine, no screaming. She is not aggressive at all towards me, she's whacked my dog, not bound, a couple of times after missed slips, but overall her behavior is very good. She doesn't seem to fear things (like the sound of a diesel engine) like my tiercel did, or still does probably, which is nice. She's an enthuiastic hunter, and has 9 kills under her belt - no jacks yet, but soon I hope. I'm not hooding her because I don't want to mess up and get a hand grabber. She's not perfect, but so far she's better than my tiercel was at this point, so things are good I guess.

What about the gosses out there?