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RB....Im into the book about half way and to be honest...I have mixed feelings about this book. I would be hesitant to call it a "classic". I have immense respect for Ed Pitcher. However...I have this nagging skepticism about how much cognitive credit Ed gives the birds. Also, Ed gives praise for the traditional falconers such as Gilbert Blaine but then, states that he (Ed Pitcher) doesnt believe its in the bird (or the falconers) best interest to have a bird hopping to the fist or lure which are staples of traditional falconry training techniques.

All in all, I applaud this as an ambitious yet overlly idealistic approach to modern falconry. Just my 2 cents worth.

Would I like to sit down and have coffee and "just listen" to Ed Pitcher? Thats a no brainer: anytime he's available!
Hello Rick-

There are plans for the "Third Annual Malad Valley Sky Trials" to be held on November 19th, the Saturday before the NAFA Meet begins. If you're considering coming to the Meet in Vernal Utah this year, you might want to come on up a day or so early and have some fun . . . chatting with Ed in person while watching birds overhead.

Both, I would say, would be positive experiences, memorable.

Best Regards-