In order for folks to help make NAFA a better organization, let's list things we would like to see changed within NAFA or things we would like to see NAFA do that they are not currently doing. Let's not ramble about general things, if you can't be specific about a topic, don't say anything.

To start, on another thread, one was talking about the survey they did and how nothing was done about that survey. Well, from my understanding, one of the biggest complaints of the last survey was NAFA members didn't have access to when their membership was up and when they would need to renewal or if their information was correct. NAFA heard this complaint and you now can look up your membership information on the website.

NAFA can't make changes if the members don't let them know what needs to be changed. NAFA can't start doing something they never did before if members don't ask for it. So let them know what you think and maybe some good ideas will come out of this and with several NAFA directors on here, they can put things in motion.

I will start by saying I would like for NAFA to think about having regional meets. They could partner with a different state in each region and that state could pretty much put on the meet but with a little help from NAFA. NAFA would still have its yearly meet, but this would give folks that don't want to travel to the middle of the US and opportunity to go to a large meet in their own back yard.