Well I pulled bam out of a tree in the middle of St.Louis in between a side walk and a road. He was 8 days old when I got him and recipe imprinted him Mike McDermitt was the one who convinced me to tame hack him but most of the help I have been receiving on my first imprint come from my friend Keith, who is also tame hacking a male coop. I am pushing the limits of the tame hack for where I'm hacking this bird i have house on all sides of my back yard as I live with my parents still and I'm hacking him out right smack dab in the middle of a subdivision its day six so far and he has came leaps and bounds in six days with his flight ability. Hes now flying around every where spending most the day down the road in one of my neighbors yards. One thing I am wanting to try is OC method of hooding later in the season. I will add pictures soon I have a lot .