Last year I received a complimentary copy of the book "The Art of Falconry in Arabia Westward" from a good friend in Abu Dhabi.

It's a very methodically detailed compilation of the current development and conditioning techniques now being used so successfully in the Gulf authored by American Veterinarian and falconer Kenton Riddle, who has lived in the UAE for many years. He was responsible for the start-up and management of the amazing Falcon Hospital built by HH Sheikh Zayed, and has accumulated more first-hand experience about Arab Falconry than any other living non-Arab.

But for quite a while there was a question as to where one could go to actually buy copies.

Last week, Ken sent us the link to "" and the page where his book is now available to the public.

There will probably be a few here on this Forum interested to look at it, here.

Here's the brief intro:

"This book is a must-have for those interested in the fascinating art of falconry. Ken Riddle, a master falconer, shares explicit detail, invaluable techniques and insights unique to Arab falconry, practices based on experience and on a tradition uninterrupted since the very origins of the sport."

It's a serious tome. I'd certainly recommend it. . .