Well, here's a few pics of the new HSL Yagi people have been asking about (stands for Half-Size, Loaded).

Since first showing it up at the Partridge Fest, and having guys there use it in the Telemetry Foxhunt, we've been getting a lot of messages here wondering when it will be available.

The answer is: in September. It's completely compatible for existing Customers with Stealth or Field Marshall receivers. Remove two screws, plug in the new coax cable and immediately reduce the size & weight of your receiver!

And, it'll also be an optional upgrade, from September forward, for those getting new receivers. Price yet to be determined.

Here we see Alan Harvey of South Africa, out in the field with his 216 Field Marshall retrofitted with an HSL Yagi.

Closeup of the new Beta Match assembly on the driven element, at bottom. It's smaller, much more durable for field use. The current Gamma match design, which almost all directional yagis are normally designed with, is shown above for comparison.

Dave Knutson, expressing his feelings after holding, playing with and using the new HSL Yagi.

You can see a few more images by going the the Marshall Radio FaceBook Page.