thanks mad',i managed to wrap the lure line around my bag the other day-i looked a right tit!!getting better tho'and the birds getting fitter day by day.although i cant believe how gradual the fitness level builds with these longwings,compared to (percieved)fitness buildup with a gos etc.
your right to get a gos when you can devote it dedication,i'm flying an imprint at mo'which is more loyal on its return(any distance,even unsighted)than any harris!probably!and in some ways,relaxing,compared to a p.r.i used to fly a pr years ago(which got shipped over to the 'washington state f,a.'-i think ?.)anyway completely diff kettle of fish,but in my own company,with only my dog,she was one determined girl-superb!
mind you all shortwings seem to 'grow'if they get daily flying/hunting dont they.-dave
great site you guys have.