yes they are whopping things!my gos took an early season one,and that weighed 6.5lb,which for him was a huge catch!but that was a youngster of the year.when you see a big un get up near your feet on a ploughed field,you just cant believe how such a big animal can be invisible to you on plain ground,just in a shallow scrape!
i'm a bit soft whwere theyre concerned and dont realy like killing them(sad i know,)luckily i dont have many on my land!when i flew a female gos years ago,i usualy released any hares she took-dont tell anyone!!
shame about the harris and the dog-youd think theyd realize what a help the dog is to them!my gos is moulting out with my dog running around under him-no worries.but we are looking after my sis in laws working cocker spaniel.this dog doesnt hassle the bird at all,yet he hates it,the dogs been here several times 'on holiday'-but the gos just wont relax when that dogs around!