British Bell-shaped Swivels - Stainless Steel - Five Sizes Available
Code: FE1106
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Small: $15.95 Medium: $21.95 Large: $23.95 XLarge: $34.95 Eagle: $52.95

These British "Bell-shaped" swivels are very well designed. The solid stainless steel shape insures that the jesses stay at the top on the flat area and do not move down toward the rotating part. This stainless model has been the most common swivel throughout all of Europe for a very long time.


Small: .525” / 13.25mm Wide x 1.17” / 30mm Tall
Medium: .75” / 18.85mm Wide x 1.46” / 37mm Tall
Large: .88” / 22.5mm Wide x 1.57” / 40mm Tall
XLarge: 1.28” / 32.5mm Wide x 2.25” / 57.25mm Tall
Eagle: 1.94” / 50mm Wide x 3.0” / 77.5mm Tall

Here are our general guidelines for choosing a swivel:

Small: Kestrels, Merlins, Sharpies, or similar size
Medium: Cooper’s, Small Falcons, or similar size
Large: Harris’s, Hybrid Falcons, Female Peregrines, or similar size
XLarge: Female Redtails, Ferruginous, or similar size
Eagle: Eagles

Imported by Western Sporting directly from the UK.