Hello everyone! My name is Mike and I live in SW Florida. I am not a licensed falconer, but I spent my entire childhood as a raptor-obsessed little monster. I would spend hours at the library (allegedly working on homework) combing book indexes for any mention of hawks, falcons, or falconry. It's a damn good thing this was before the rise of the internet or I never would have gotten any schoolwork done and would be writing this as the oldest student in Mrs. Buehler's 2nd grade class.

I was a memeber of the Raptor Society and couldn't wait to turn 14 so I could get my apprentice license. Unfortunately when that time came I couldn't quite get my parents on board. Shortly thereafter I found myself distracted by human females for a few years .

I found time to work for a county park authority in the D.C. metro area and eventually went off to college as a wildlife biology major. I ended up switching majors (a decision that still brings some mixed feelings), graduating, and joining the workforce. The combined forces of getting married, having kids, and advancing a career ground my "obsession" down to a "distraction", but I still kept my "eyes on the skies" and never lost that giddy thrill I get whenever I see a raptor.

Anyway, a change with my job and sending the kids to school during the day has left me with some more free time and I find the "distraction" haeting back up towards "obsession" again. Recent sightings of great horned owls, coopers, a broad wing, bald eagles, RTs, and a young female peregrine (I got a picture of her with my cell phone and a pair of binocs, but it is a long boring story that makes me look stupid in the end, so I'll leave it out for now) seemed like great omens...or maybe just a coincidence related to the migration...and I thought I'd introduce myself on this board.

I'm looking for falconers in my area and I would love to spend a day out in the field. I plan to attend the FHF meet in Sebring so maybe I'll see some of you there!