Not sure if I put this in the right place, but since it has "NAFA" in the title...

A friend of mine is just getting a Kestrel started, and while she goes hawking all the time, she can't get the Kestrel to go after anything....well... except bugs. She (the kestrel) isn't even interested. My friend knows that she needs to bag the kestrel on something, but the problem is, is we can't seem to trap anything. We have two traps out in different locations, plus she's tried to do a noose carpet with french fries on it at McDonalds, and NOTHING.

My point is, is anyone going to NAFA and bringing along some live house sparrows or starlings? We would be very grateful if we could relieve someone of one.

If anyone is so kind, we will be there tomorrow night until wednesday.

thanks a bunch!