I'm looking for prairie hoods. It doesn't matter if they are used or new, they just have to be GOOD hoods. I would prefer to have ones that would fit a female, but having male hoods just incase, never hurt anyone! As far as the parachord stuff goes....we can hash out the details through a PM, but it would either be multiple sets of "standard" parachord setups per hood, or one set of standard, and a set of my "woven" parachord gear. Here are a couple pictures of the woven style. As you can tell from the photo with the RT in it, I have started leaving the top portion right below the button "normal," so that the jesses rotate more freely in the grommets, but other than that....they are pretty much just like the close up picture of the green and black ones. If you prefer to have the swivel directly attached to the leash/leash and extender like I do (I would loose everything if they weren't attached!!!), we can work something out. If you don't like the tabs, that's fine, I will leave them out...just let me know what you want. I have tons of different colors, but if you have a specific color you want that I don't already have, I will head to the Army surplus, and see if they have it.......that's about as far as i will go for color selections though . Off the top of my head, I have a couple different colors of blue and green, gold, purple, grey, black, and a few others that escape me right now. Shoot me a line, if this seems like something you would interested in