I have always used Operant/Clicker Training (vocal clicking) since day 1. I pretty much use it for initial high level tidbits and hood training. When I first attempt to tidbit the bird...each time the bird swallows the tidbit (unhooded or hooded, I have tried both ways) I vocally "click, click". If the bird cannot see (hooded or in the dark and I give the "click, click sound" The bird starts searching, by try to eat where the high level tidbit should be or by searching the glove. The bird picks this up quick. Once the bird has picked this up I start hood training. Each time the hood goes on I immediately provide the "click, click" the hood comes off and the bird gets a high level tidbit. This works beautifully.

I have also used this technique to train birds who hated the hood to hood. For example: Assume the bird hates the hood and bates at first sight, (assuming the bird knows this conditioning of "click click"). I have the bird on my fist sitting quietly and show him the hood in my other hand as far away as I can so he will not bate. If he continues to sit quietly and nicely (make sure that him wings stay folded in and he is not leaning back or picking up any other bad habits) then I provide the "click click" and provide him a tidbit. I continue this process until the hood goes on the bird and the bird accepts it. You have to make sure that the bird is hungry and with some birds you can have that hood on in one session. Other birds it can take a few sessions.

Just my experience.