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Western Sporting Western Sporting's focus is providing quality falconry supplies to falconers: equipment such as Marshall and L.L. Electronics, books, DVD s, videos, artwork & collectibles for falconers, rehabilitators, zoos, dog trainers, & pigeon fanciers. Western Sporting

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Old 05-02-2013, 09:24 AM
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Default The Hoodmaker's Complete Tool Kit

The Hoodmaker's Complete Tool Kit - Save up to $60.00 in total cost
Shipping Weight: 5.66 pounds

Hoodmaker's Complete Tool Kit: All the tools needed to make a high quality falconry hood in one complete kit

This is a collection of the tools needed to create high quality falconry hoods. The ability to create a hood for a hawk or falcon is a valuable skill to learn. Even if one's goal doesn't include becoming a commercial hoodmaker, there is a great deal of pride to be gained by mastering the skill of making a well-fitting hood. The Hoodmaker's Complete Tool Kit comes in a nice wooden box with the Western Sporting logo printed on its lid, making storage of all these hoodmaking tools easy.

The Hoodmaker's Complete Tool Kit contains:
  • DVD "Making the Dutch Hood, Ron Rollins" (FD1040A)
  • New Millennium Hood Block and Patterns - one size of your choice (FE1181A)
  • English Hoodmaking Leather - 10"x12". (FE5006)
  • Sheep Skin Skiver - 6"x10" piece (FE5009)
  • Leather Top Knot Lace - 6ft. (FE5253)
  • Nylon Hood Blanks - 3 sets (FE1180A)
  • Scratch Awl (FE5210)
  • Ron Rollins Hoodmaker's Awl (FE5246)
  • Fid (FE5248)
  • Tracing Wheel Serrated (FE5252A)
  • Scratch Compass (FE5244)
  • Long Nose Bent Pliers (FE5249)
  • Curved Hemostats (FE5185)
  • Acrylic Rod Burnishing Tool (FE5247)
  • Bonded Nylon Thread size 69, Beading Thread size D - one bobbin of each (FE5292A)
  • Tapestry Needles - five (FE5257)
  • Block of Beeswax (FE5300)
  • X-Acto #1 Light Duty Cutting and Trimming Knife (FE5130)
  • Replacement Blades #1 Cutting Knife - five (FE5135)
  • Leather Dyes - set of five colors (FE5312)
  • Metal Safety Ruler (FE5360)
  • Rotary Hole Punch (FE5108)
  • Slide-top Wooden Kit Box

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