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Old 01-09-2017, 06:15 PM
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Default Massive Book Sell-Off

Hey all,

I've decided to seriously downsize my falconry library. The following books are for sale. All will be shipped via media mail for $5/book. Expedited shipping can be arranged provided the buyer pays.

Below is a list of the books, a brief description and pricing.

Here is a link to an album with photos of the books:


1. Hoods, Hooding, and Hoodmaking by James West Nelson
Description: Opened once. In nearly perfect condition. Not shrink wrapped.
Price: $45 + $5 Shipping

2. The Harris Hawk Revolution by Jennifer and Tom Coulson
Description: Inscription in the front of book. Book is in great condition, no tears or pages missing.
Price: $65 + $5 Shipping

3. Desert Hawking IV: Quail by Harry McElroy
Description: Book is in great condition. Inscription on inside cover. No tears or pages missing.
Price: $30 + $5 Shipping

4. North American Falconry & Hunting Hawks by Harold M. Webster & Frank Lyman Beebe.
Description: Circa 1970 edition. Dust jacket is a little hammered from aging. Two tears, one on front and one on back (see photos in album). Slight spot staining from again. All pages intact.
Price: $45 + $5 Shipping

5. Falconry & Hawking by Philip Glasier
Description: Early 2000's edition. In great shape. Slight tear on dust jacket. All pages present.
Price: $25 + $5 Shipping

6. Desert Hawking II by Harry McElroy
Description: Reprinted soft cover of McElroy's work. Perfect condition.
Price: $20 + $5 Shipping

7. Understanding the Bird of Prey by Nick Fox
Description: Hardcover, older print. Wear and tear around edges of book. Pages and text all intact.
Price: $45 + $5 Shipping

8. The Hunting Falcon by Bruce A. Haak
Description: In great condition, both book and dust jacket.
Price: $20 + $5 Shipping

9. American Kestrels In Modern Falconry by Matthew Mullenix
Description: Perfect condition, both dust jacket and book.
Price: $10 + $5 Shipping


Sponsor who can give me the best reason to give this book to their apprentice can have it completely free. I'll even cover shipping.

10. The Imprint Accipiter II by Michael McDermott
Description: Great shape for both dust jacket and book.
Price: $30 + $5 Shipping

11. North American Falconry & Hunting Hawks, 9th Edition by Harold Webster and Frank L. Beebe
Description: Perfect condition, two volume set. Still has protective hard cardboard case around books.
Price: $80 + $5 shipping

12. High Flying Gyrfalcons by Victor Hardaswick
Description: Perfect condition for both dust jacket and book
Price: $45 + $5 Shipping

13. Hawking With Golden Eagles by Martin Hollinshead
Description: Softcover, great condition
Price: $5 + $5 Shipping

14. Falconry Equipment by Bryan Kimsey and Jim Hodge
Description: Great condition, soft cover
Price: $10 + $5 shipping

15. How to Spot Hawks and Eagles by Clay Sutton and Patricia Sutton
Description: (ID BOOK) Great condition soft cover
Price: $5 + $5 Shipping

16. Hawks From Every Angle by Jerry Liguori
Description: (ID BOOK) Great condition, soft cover
Price: $5 + $5 Shipping

17. Red Shouldered Hawks For Falconry by William Sanders
Description: Hardcover, great condition
Price: $5 + $5 Shipping

18. Accipitrine Behavioral Problems by Michael McDermott
Description: Hardcover with dustjacket. Slight tear in dust jacket. Book is in great condition.
Price: $25 + $5 Shipping

19. The Passage Merlin by Jeremy Bradshaw
Description: In great condition, no tears. Signed.
Price: $45 + $5 Shipping


20. Passage Cooper's Hawks and Those Who Fly 'Em by Bill Boni
Description: Perfect condition, soft cover print of original release.
Price: $20 + $5 Shipping

21. The Red-Tailed Hawk by Liam McG
Description: Soft cover, older edition (not the newest one published by the author)
Price: $30 + $5 Shipping

22. California Hawking Club Study Guide by the California Hawking Club
Description: Softcover, spiral bound. Perfect condition (no markings, etc)
Price: $10 + $5 Shipping


Sponsor who can give me a good reason why their apprentice (or future apprentice) could benefit from this book gets it free. I will pay shipping.

That's it, everyone. Please PM me if you have any requests. Thanks!

I will sell the entire collection for $625 + $50 shipping If books get sold before your offer, price will be reduced accordingly.
Aaron -- Utah
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