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  1. NY - Lost Red-tail
  2. Harris' lost in Nebraska
  3. Lost Tiercel Peregrine
  4. "Small Hawk" spotted in So-Calif
  5. Found Passage Female RTHA South Carolina
  6. gyr/peregrine
  7. Gyr/Saker
  8. Lost dog
  9. APB: GyrSaker Lost
  10. Redtail Found
  11. Lost Red-tail
  12. Escaped Harris' Hawk spotted
  13. Lost Saker - Moorepark, CA - 216.085
  14. Found in SC Red Tail
  15. Found HH in Connecticut
  16. Lost Red-tail in Colorado
  17. Lost Female Peregrine in Central CA
  18. Hooded Hawk Flying Windmere Florida
  19. found prairie falcon
  20. Found large hybrid falcon N. Augusta
  21. Harris Hawk found
  22. Lost in Alabama
  23. Lost Eagle in NC
  24. Lost Redtail NY
  25. RT Hawk spotted in KY w/ gear
  26. Dark Colored Mature RT Sighted with jesses in NoCal‏
  27. rt with jesses
  28. Lost RT Tampa, Florida Area
  29. Stolen saker falcon!!!!!!!!
  30. Lost Bird with Hood on in AZ
  31. Lost bird on youtube
  32. Lost Passage Male Redtail Westchester County NY
  33. Haggard RT with jesses spotted - NY
  34. loose goshawk in northern Illinois
  35. Falcon Spotted in Brookhaven
  36. New Jersey Confirmed Red Tail with Equipment Sightings
  37. Harris in Northern Illinois
  38. Lost American Kestrel in La Quinta, CA (Palm Springs, CA)
  39. lost coopers hawk
  40. Lost Hen Late Passage Harris Hawk in Upland, Ca on 7/10/2010 630pm
  41. Lost Saker in Watsonville, CA
  42. Lost HH, Near Lafayette, Louisiana
  43. FOUND: Juvenile male pere US seamless band RW100095
  44. Lost/Found Bird in Colorado
  45. Lost MRT in Hamburg NY
  46. Lost Falcon
  47. lost and found site..via band number
  48. Anyone missing a young hybrid?
  49. Lost in Colorado (Denver area)
  50. Harris Hawk Found
  51. Lost 8 yr old female HH
  52. Lost Tundra Peregrine. North Bay Area.
  53. Lost Female Altai Saker Falcon ENGLAND
  54. FOUND---> imm. hen Kestrel---Maryland
  55. jessed hawk spotted
  56. lost gyr/prairie female
  57. lost tiercel prairie
  58. Lost Adult Fem. RT SE Portland/Lake Oswego/Milwaukie
  59. Lost Falcon Hybrid seen in San Diego
  60. Lost Hawk San Francisco Area
  61. Lost saker in lake Elsinore
  62. Skulas missing
  63. Found Hawk (Cooper's ?) with tag R. Berry
  64. falcon spotted in St.Louis Mo.
  65. Rhode Island RT spotted
  66. Found Female Prairie
  67. found falcon
  68. long lost Peregrine
  69. Lost male kestrel in WA
  70. Lost passage RT in Thousand Oaks, CA
  71. Lost Female NA Goshawk, Pennsylvania
  72. Lost Harris???
  73. Lost Gyr/ Peregrine
  74. Lost peregrine tiercel
  75. Lost Hawk (bird spotted around Plymouth IN)
  76. tiercel Harris, Belmont, CA
  77. Fort Wayne Indiana-Lost Peregrine
  78. lost hawk
  79. FOUND, BC Canada - white falcon, band starting with CX
  80. Spotted: RS with leash system
  81. Rio Verde, AZ area Peales Peregrine LOST
  82. Adult Imprint Gos No Jesses or Band
  83. Spotted a hawk
  84. Saw a "wild" RT today with jesses
  85. Found Gyr x peregrine
  86. Harris' Hawk in La Jolla
  87. Peregrine Falcon s/Jesses Spotted in NW Ohio
  88. Anyone missing an imm. falcon in WA/Canada?
  89. Hawk or Falcon spotted in 661 area code
  90. Spotted hooded falcon in SE Colorado.
  91. Lost Gyr/Peregrine
  92. Lost Gyr/Peregrine
  93. lost gyr-prairie falcon tiercel
  94. Imature Goshawk , banded Found in Albuquerque NM Today
  95. FOUND Hawk / Falcon In Laguna Beach, CA
  96. Peregine? with anklets sighted in Oregon
  97. Barbary x Taita
  98. Lost white gyrkin or gyr hybrid spotted in Rio Rancho NM .
  99. prairie falcon with one jess spotted in ABQ NM
  100. Lost Tiercel Anatum Peregrine - SE Washington State
  101. LOST - Female Red-Tailed Hawk, Krider's color morph
  102. Lost Falcon Captured In Boise Today
  103. Escaped Golden Eagle
  104. Hawk Spotted near Bladensburg, OH
  105. Lost Barbary Falcon, Hammond Louisiana
  106. Warning FALSE telemetry signals out there
  107. Found White-bellied Sea Eagle
  108. RT lost in Portland ORegon
  109. RT Lost in New Jersey
  110. Lost Female Harris Hawk
  111. St Petersburg FL jessed small hawk seen
  112. Falconry falcon spotted during Christmas Bird Count
  113. Raptor Sighting
  114. BOP with Jesses and Bells
  115. Spotted a RT with Bells & Jesses
  116. Lost RT in Morrisville NC
  117. Found Falcon, Waterloo Illinois/St Louis Missouri
  118. Lost redtail
  119. Lost Peregrine sighted
  120. Lost HH, Kingsland, GA
  121. 65 day old female Perigrine
  122. Found Juvenile Prairie Falcon - Mesa, AZ
  123. Spotted bird in Illinois
  124. Spotted in Jacksonville
  125. Lost HH in Chester Co. Pa
  126. Found saker band MS NV 0022
  127. Gyrfalcon found in Rupert Idaho
  128. Lost female harris
  129. Whoever lost their Harris Hawk in Chester Cnty PA, I know where its been hangin
  130. Harris Hawk Found
  131. Lost Red-tail in Fife, WA
  132. Lost Falcon in River Rouge, Michigan
  133. Harris in Montana
  134. Hawk Recovered in Menifee, CA
  135. Lost falconry bird in Tyler Tx
  136. Tiercel HH lost, Wichita, KS.
  137. Hawk with gear seen Clarksburg Road in Damascus, MD.
  138. google's "gyrfalcon" in Irvine CA
  139. Lost gyr x peregrine
  140. Lost tiercel peregrine at NAFA Meet
  141. Lost Passage RT Oakland County, Mi near M59 and I75
  142. Passage RTH with Backpack and jesses spotted near Lake Charles LA
  143. Peregrine with anklets in Utah
  144. spotted lost juvie redtail
  145. Hawk Spotted in Louisiana
  146. Lost Saker/Gyr
  147. Lost Black Gyr/Peals Tiercel
  148. Prairie falcon spotted near Stevensville, MT
  149. Hybrid Falcon recovered near Moreno Valley/Perris CA
  150. HH spotted with band number RW08205 in San Jose, CA
  151. Spotted MRT in Cedar Hill TX
  152. Lost Haggard Redtail in Santa Cruz
  153. Lost Kestrel in Scappoose OR
  154. Gyr-Falcon
  155. HH Found in St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, Near Tallahassee, FL
  156. Found a peregrine in NC!
  157. Help-Owl Found Long Island Ny- Any Local rehabber or Falconers?
  158. lost peregrine tiercel
  159. Harris Hawk spotted in Milton PA
  160. Hawk Spotted in Maryland
  161. Stolen Harris Hawk
  162. Hybrid (?) falcon found in Florida with anklets
  163. Lost Hawk seen at Stephen Foster State Park
  164. Spotted peregrine falcon midland mi
  165. Lost Imprint Gyr/Barbary (SoCal)
  166. Posible Lost HH
  167. Found Hybrid Falcon Ridgecrest, CA
  168. Canadian longwing found in NY
  169. Peregrine (?) spotted on Key Largo
  170. Lost male peregrine NC
  171. Lost Passage Red Tail, Upstate Ny
  172. Adult Red-Tail Hawk with jesses spotted in San Andreas, CA
  173. Lost tiercel Peregrine
  174. falconry bird on territory in Ohio
  175. Lost ger falcon
  176. Missing Goshawk Tyler, TX
  177. Lost female Saker falcon
  178. Lost frt in south east Ocala , florida
  179. Stolen Tawny Owl
  180. Lost Peregrine
  181. Falconry RT spotted in WA
  182. Escaped white gyrfalcon spotted with jesses
  183. Wayward falconry Aplomado in California
  184. lost immature redtail
  185. Found..mature f redtail
  186. Found gyr/gyr hybrid-Toledo
  187. Spotted in Apopka Fl.
  188. New Market, Lost Bird?
  189. Lost Rough-legged Hawk
  190. Lost peregrine, American Eagle Foundation in Pigeon Forge, TN near Dollywood
  191. Lost Eyass Tiercel Prairie, Lehi, UT
  192. Hawk with jesses and bell
  193. Juvenile Red-tail with Band near Tosohatchee FL
  194. Lost Falcon
  195. Falcon spotted
  196. Lost Falcon in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  197. Falcon with Jesses spotted
  198. Lost Lanner in Pittsburgh
  199. 2 Lost Harris
  200. Jessed Louisiana RedTail spotted
  201. Jessed RT hawk trapped, Louisiana
  202. lost tiercel peales oregon
  203. Found red tail
  204. Lost Tiercel Passage Peregrine NJ/PA
  205. Falconry bird spotted in Oakboro NC area
  206. Red-tailed Hawk Spotted with Falconry Equipment
  207. Passage MRT w/Jesses Spotted in SW Ohio
  208. Lost Red Tail
  209. Lost PFRT So Cal 3/14
  210. Aplomado Falcon in Boulder Colorado
  211. Lost Gyr/Saker in Brooklyn Park, mn
  212. Lost my Male Passenger Red Tailed Hawk
  213. Found Falcon
  214. Prairie Falcon in WY
  215. Lost Peregrine
  216. KY or IN anyone lost a Merlin?
  217. Falconry Bird Spotted on the Western Slope of Colorado
  218. Lost Juvenile Female Red Tail -- Maryland (NW of Baltimore)
  219. Lost adult female red-tail
  220. RTH w/Jesses Found in Wichita, KS Area
  221. Lost juvi Red tail near Baldwin NY
  222. Still missing Gyr/Saker from April
  223. Falcon with Jesses Spotted in Cheyenne, WY
  224. Some assistance from Conn. falconers please
  225. Lost SE Michigan Juvi RT
  226. gyr from southeast wyoming
  227. Peregrine in Southeast PA
  228. Lost Tiercel Peals Perigrine in Kansas
  229. Renegade
  230. Redtail with bell in Hampstead/Manchester area Maryland
  231. Red Shouldered Hawk W/Anklet
  232. Escaped Peregrine
  233. Lost Gyr/Saker Falcon
  234. Lost Male Barbary - Southern Vermont
  235. Lost G/P Tiercel in Sacramento, Ca area.
  236. RTH with jessess and transmitter - Watertown CT
  237. any Canaidian falconers near Niagara Falls?
  238. Lost Anatum Peregrine Falcon, Rapid City SD
  239. gyr x saker
  240. Super tame coopers
  241. Lost tiercel Anatum adult
  242. Lost Female Passage Kestrel--Dixon CA
  243. Raptor ID Tags
  244. Lost female peregrine
  245. Lost gyr X per hybrid black in Santa Clara california
  246. Lost Peregrine North of Indianapolis
  247. Lost peregrine canada bc
  248. Hawk spotted in Santa Clarita, CA
  249. Peregrine in South Georgia
  250. Anyone lost an Aplo? One found in Michigan