View Full Version : Outdoor Anodized Aluminum-top Longwing Perch

09-22-2010, 02:21 PM
Stainless & Aluminum Block Perch - 2 Sizes Available - See More Information http://www.westernsporting.com/mm5/graphics/00000001/HRFE2168.jpg

Shipping Weight: 4.20 pounds

Western Sporting's Outdoor Anodized Aluminum-top Longwing Perch

We have constructed this perch to the highest possible standard and are confident you will not find a better perch at a more reasonable price. It is a very practical perch for the longwinger.

•Custom turned aluminum top with drain holes for water to flow through,
•Quality Astro-turf top recessed into top,
•Spike, ring and plate 100% stainless steel,

2 Sizes of top to choose from:

Small: Merlins, Kestrels, or similar $89.95
4.75” Wide x 7.5” Tall

Medium: Tiercel Peregrines, Small Hybrids, Barbaries, or similar $94.95
5.5” Wide x 9 Tall
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