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  1. Hi Barry,

    yeah time will tell. I think many are caught up in the romantic Idea of flying a gos. Many do not realize the commitment until its to late.

    this was the best move I could make. I love it here. Plenty of game and the weather is great. I am looking forward to a full season here.

    Paul told me he sent Lou to you. He is a good gos and loves cotton tails. I told Paul he made the right choice for sure. I know you will make some babies with Lou. I hope you have a great season and I look forward to hearing about your season.

    Hows your weather? When do you expect the first snow

  2. Yea, I hope the guy isn't in over his head.... So how you liking your new home, lots of game?
    Paul sent me his old tiercil for the breeding project man what a nice gos , I will fly him for a couple months then start working him for breeding season .. I'm sxcited!!
  3. Hey Barry,

    Thanks for wanting to help out. I think it is best for him to get good help. The bird deserves it.

    Thank you again

  4. Chris i can't seem to get this to clay , can you please foward it to him...

    Clay... I wrote you a note but it seems to have gotten lost... Typing is a bitch for me...but I am more than willing to help you as I can... give me a call....1-517-4231187
    Short of that I'd talk to Lance about weights...
    That said weight is a training device and you will know his weight by how he responds... Feed him off the lure a couple times so he understands what it is ... then start gently tossing the lure out with the food attached... he he goes to it then you are close to his hunting weight... if not then you'll need to begin to lower him... You can do this by cutting rations, OR feeding the same amount but lesser quality food ( washed meat)
  5. Chris , Can't get into chat says email or user password invalid. Help!!
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