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  1. I'm on it.... another msg coming to you from my regular e-mail address

    thank you
  2. Thank you Rich for your quick reply. I would like a protector with a tooled and colored head of a Harris Hawk on the top of the lid. On the velcro closure I would like to see your signature with my name on it. On the frontside of the lid 2 tooled and colored tail feathers of a HH connected to each other with a bow and a thread. The size of the protector should be for a female Harris Hawk of course. I hope I explain myself clear enough. About the colour of the protector I leave it up to you but I like a nice gloss on it.
    Thank you for your willingness.

  3. Hi Marc,
    yes still available. pretty much anything you'd like. I've shipped all over the world, so you're good. What are you interested in?
  4. Hi Rich,
    I'm a Belgian falconer who is trying to make my own hoods for my FHH and a young member of the forum. I'm amazed by your work of art. Are the hood protectors still available? Can they been shipped to Belgium as well?
    Marc De Mits
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