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  1. Thank you for your kind words, Joe. They're appreciated.

    I want to fly a merlin as well, but am waiting for I hit general and I can save money up for telemetry, as i hear they can be wanderers. I enjoy reading everyone's experiences though...and I'm living vicariously through others this year. =)
  2. Sandie:

    Tried to send you a PM but when I did it indicated that you have chosen not to receive Private Messages.

    Just wanted you to know that I very much understand and respect how you have set your priorities. Also that I very much enjoy your thread/postss regarding your Kestrel experiences. In the past I've only flown Red Tails, however I had been wanted to fly a Merlin for several years and this year I am. I absolutely love this little bird, and have come to deeply respect how difficult "Micro-Falconry" can be compared to flying a bomb proof Red Tail.

    Best Regards:

    Joe Kosaakowski
    joekoz on NAFEX
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