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  1. hello I'v started reading the La regs and will get my packit. I also found a La falconry site. I'll play the land to hunt on card to get falconers to hunt here so I can meet,watch and lern from. I leaned from your(really good)web site not all are the right hunters to lean from. I'll see what to do and not to do that way. When I find a good one I'll show him my mews and gear. All of witch I need to make. Thanks for all the help with the hawk I found and tryed to save. The LSU vet school really tryed and they can see what killed Red bean. Could I stay on your sit even thowe I have no hawk? If no I under stand. I see that falconers are quautious, miss under stood and private people. I see why, I even have harsh words with my dad to stop him from shooting the hawks. The people that hunt around me are told that I will drop a dime on em IF THEY KILL A HAWK and I see it happen. I need your input to make sure that I do it right or have problems. Thanks Beau
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