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  1. Happy Birthday Ryan and many more.STAY STRONG
  2. I go with Jack and Jack is not going this year sorry, but it is good to here from you.I was hoping to see you and your great redtail hawk on the hunt.You and your redtail hawk have a great,safe hunt and a safe & HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! Are you gunna be at the meet on Saturday?
  5. Hi Ryan, looks like the hunt of 2010 is doing good for you and your redtail hawk. Great to he and see you at times, good luck for the rest of the season.STAY STRONG
  6. Hi,Ryan i can't find any pigeons or starlings for my trap so I have some rat's.Went looking for redtail ,only saw one small redtail.He bumped off, that is ok it's early anyway just saying hi. STAY STRONG
  7. Hi Ryan, every thing is good here . The last to years have been great . I upgrade to a GENERAL and i am planning to trap a cooper hawk and a new redtail hawk.Hope you are doing good.
  8. Hi Ryan it is Bill blackwolf costales a friend of jack nuzzo ,went hunting at Planfield in Jan. 1, 2008-2010
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