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  1. Thanks!
  2. Oh shit! I don't have your e-mail address anymore! I lost a ton of stuff when my Outlook Express died a few months ago. PM it to me if you feel I'm worth of having it LOL.
  3. PMSL!!! I really didn't think that you had, Sir!
    Thanks for posting again on that thread. I thought about posting and thanking you there but I decided that it was better to leave the thread with your post as last. It is a very good thread and it doesn't need me posting on it to distract folks from the importance of it.
    Very glad to hear from you though!
    I'm going to e-mail you some pics of my latest avian aquisitions. They are just little parrots, but I'm very fond of them. They are pretty damned cool IMHO.
    Thanks again, Karl. It is great to hear from you!
  4. See I havent disapeared up my own butt despite rumours to the contrary.
  5. Hes a friends Meredith.
  6. Karl he is gorgeous. Black eagle?
    Just saw a video of a breeding pair in the wild raising their chick.
    You absolutely must tell me about him. Is he an imprint? Will you be hunting him or is he for breeding? Or both?
  7. Seen my new avatar Meredith? Sexy aint he?
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