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  1. Dave:
    How are thing going, getting into the woods yet.
  2. Dave:
    I will not be monitoring this site much any more, this WRTC thing is BS. You have my email address, if there is anything you need let me know.
  3. Dave:
    Once I leave the private message section I am lost again. Any way, if you have haggard birds around you will have im later in the spring. Trap one, get off your duff and get a bird. Any pigeon people around, contact them. Look for a pigeon club. Ask at your feed store who is buying pigeon food etc. Get that SGT made and get it ready for trapping season. Make two, there small <G> I want to only hear of your progress in making these trap. LOL. No more waiting around, get moving. I will get this damed thing figured out yet.
  4. well yes we have birds here but i am not in a flyway route what birds i do see are mature birds its kinda hard to expain i know if there are mature birds then they have little one but i have never seen a young bird out here or heard young one sreaming for food of all the years i have lived here. i see a hawk around my neck of the woods maybe 2 time a month so i dont know somthing is scaring them away lol
  5. nope i live in the woods and my nearest nabor is a mile away i have 21 acres that i hunt on but when the city folks call me with a problem i go and fix it for them rabbit or squirrles problem that is till some lady said my hh was stalking her cat i told her no it was hoping your cat would scare a bird or rat out of hiding but she insisted it was after her cat so i stay clear from around her naborhood lol but like i said i dont have a bird right now but i might just have to buy those dang permit to trap a bird in my nabor state
    i sure hate that ideal
  6. well buddy
    a coops hands down i can not afford a gos
    i have alot of birds around me quial, dove and crows
    a redtail and a hh i was using for squirrels but they asked me not to hunt in the city limits in one of the citys i was hunting in cause folks was afraid my hawk would eat their cats and dogs lol but i was getting call like crazy for me to hunt squirrels in these folks yard because they was eating up the bird feeders so it was fun while it lasted now the squirrel are tearing up every thing so i think they will be calling me back soon
  7. hey buddy
    i sent you a email telling you about whats going on in my little old life lol
    hate to hear you cant trap a hawk
    i think it wont be long till falconry is a thing of the past thanks to those dang tree huging peta and tender hearted animal loves. they just dont realize how devastating the rabbits, deer and those other fuzzy critter would be without us falconers and gun hunters i bet none of them has ever tryed to do a garden and have all your hard work eaten up by those critters
    they seem to forget we are on the top of the food chain
  8. hey eve
    how you doing my friend long time no hear from
    what you hunting with now
  9. Dave:
    What have you been up to.
  10. well hey
    nope i have no bird as of right now you got a coops i like them alot you can do birds with them and they are super fast
    i have lost touch with every body on here not many folks will chat with me
    but thats fine with me i dont need them anyway i am a very good master faLCONER AND ALWAY WILL BE but it is good to hear from you my friend
    i was looking for a bird but we have none over here again and wwith the fuel so high i can not drive to them but thatas life
    well take it easy buddy
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