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  1. I have the Performance Center version with a 6.5" barrel. After a good session at the range I will take that thing and scrub it till the black is gone using 40x bore cleaner and a gun metal polishing cloth. The first game I took with it was actually a rabbit at 25 yards, and I got him right through the eye(Used a .45 colt for rabbits and squirrels).
  2. Yes I do!! I had the performance center pistol first. Now I have a custom barrel by MGM on a Thompson center encore pro hunter. Most accurate pistol I have. Picks off milk jugs at 200 yards with ease. I do a lot of handgun hunting, and love the big bores.
  3. Curious as to whether your name means you shoot a .460 S&W Magnum, I have one of those and I love it.
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