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  1. Hi Ken
    Did you get to try the saddle back hood on? What did you think about the design? How did it fit?
  2. Hi Ken
    How much are you selling your skiver for if you have any left?
  3. Hi Ken:
    Do you mold the slip on hood before you stitch up the back or do you stitch the back and then mold it out? I have one made but it is real hard to try and get on the block that it should fit. The pattern you put out is fitting on the 20 chinook block but with the back stitched I am afraid it might tear out when I try and mold it out.
  4. Hi Ken:
    I have a guy asking me about making a dutch hood to look like the packard helmet. Is there anyway to dye the yellows and whites to where you can get that effect?
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