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  1. Unfortunately the only one I know for sure doing just regular Barbaries is Bill Meeker in El Paso (Upland Farms on raptors nest). I don't know if Sam Dollar in Colorado is still at it or not. Paul Dubois in Maryland was? Brad Felger in CA makes some RNS/Barbary mixes. That's all I can think of at the moment. Good luck.
  2. Pete, Do you know folks breeding barbaries? I'm looking to raise an imprint tiercel this spring.
  3. Yeah Dann just called me about that part. I was worried about that earlier actually. But, a guy can hope right? At least he would know one way or another right?
  4. doesn't look good for the bird. Someone called the local zoo reporting they found a dead hawk in their back yard...again, left no contact information.
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