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  1. Hey Pete! I've been off the grid for a while. I moved to Tucson for the next 4-6 years, at least I was able to stay in the SW! I found a Coops nest today, thinking of joining you this spring, lots of quail and bunnies here. Not sure which I want to fly, passage or imprint. Glad to see you are having some fun! Not sure how long of a season I'll have, I'm back on a team again and deployment is always on the horizon. But I try to fit some flying in where I can. Flew a Harris I trapped in Tucson for a season and tried another Prairie last year, but it was way to warm in Yuma and I ended up letting her go. It was 100 at the end of Oct. Ridiculous. Stupid choice on my part and ended up sitting out last season. Should have went with another Harris. Quite a bit colder here (don't laugh) so I'm excited. Well, will be checking this forum more, now that I'm settle and have a desk again. Look forward to hearing about your adventures, have fun and hope to hear from you soon.
  2. Welcome back. So where are you posted these days? I assume you're still in the service? Congrats on getting back into the sport...what are you planning on flying? (guess that will be contingent on where you are going to be huh?) I'm sure we'll chat at some point.
  3. Hey Pete! Been a few years, just got back t the states from the UK last year and getting back into the sport again. Not that I was really out, just geographically and vocationally challenged for the last few years. Good to see you here, look forward to chatting with you!
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